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Waterproof Sex Toys

Waterproof Sex Toys

Waterproof Sex Toys

Nothing is more relaxing than a peaceful hot tub bath after a hard day at work. If it is added up with a solo intimate session using some toys that are battery operated, it can do wonders to relax your body and mind. The need of waterproof sex toys comes here. Any vibrating toy cannot be just used in your bathtub in water. It has potential to give you an electric shock or get damaged forever. A waterproof sex toy, operated by batteries, can be a perfect thing in such a situation.

The best thing about these toys are that they can give pleasure even if used solo because the combination of hot water and vibrations are enough to create a passionate feeling in you. Waterproof sex toys are ideal to be used by couples in bathtubs, showers, swimming pools or even beaches. These toys must be purchased keeping in mind the chemicals found in ocean and swimming pool water.

It is advisable that you check for any defects in the toy before you use them. Turn it on and place it under a faucet, if no smoke or sputter can be seen, your toy is safe for use. These toys can also last pretty long if you dry them well after each use. To make your batteries last long, put them into the vibrator only when you want to use it, then keep them aside after you have used it. Water proof sex toys are the easiest to clean, some of them are okay even if washed in a dishwasher.

LELO Sensual Toys – Obtain Assistance in Lovemaking from Experts

If you have ever explored the world of sex and adult toys, you must have come across LELO, a company from Sweden indulged in making sensual sex objects. The company is only seven years old, but has established itself as a high-quality sex toy provider in more than 40 countries. Considering the safety issues associated with sex toys, one must purchase the branded products only and LELO is one brand to trust upon.

The products from LELO not only represent thoughtful designs, they also reflect fashion and luxury. One of the most popular product lines from LELO is that of vibrators. One can choose among G-spot vibrators, clitoral vibrators and vaginal vibrators made by the company. Elise, Gigi, Ena, Liv ad Nea are some of the bestselling vibrators from LELO. All of them are available in different sizes and are easily rechargeable. Moreover, they are available in different colors and some of them are decorated in exciting ways.

Massagers are other popular products that LELO manufactures and sell around different countries. Different stimulation modes controlled by microprocessors, efficient motors and wonderful shapes distinguish these sex toys from those manufactured by other companies. Cock rings, prostate stimulators and many other products from the company serve the male sex enthusiasts.

The luxury product line of LELO consists of toys made from stainless steel and those which are 18k gold-plated. These are the most amazingly good-looking sex objects that have been prepared by a company till date. The beginners as well as the experienced men and women can make best out of these safe and user-friendly products from LELO.

Use Condoms the Safer Way



Condoms have been a great hit since their inception but not many of us know that these are also the contributors to a number of problems. Every time you use a condom, small traces of carcinogens are released. These may develop to skin infections, genital pain, and itching sensations in the genitals. A large number of people are reporting their allergies to latex.

Talc is used as a lubricant in condoms which is harmful the delicates tissues of the genitals. Regular use of talc as a lubricant blocks the fallopian tubes in women. Talc has been replaced by silicones and cornstarch but some condoms still contain talc.

Men and women have been developing dermatitis due to regular usage of latex condoms. In women, excessive vaginal discharge and a burning sensation in the vagina are the common problems. Condoms may sometimes lead to decrease in sexual pleasure and the intercourse maybe less pleasing, as the man has to withdraw his penis immediately after ejaculation.

It is of best interest to use non- latex condoms. Condoms containing natural rubber or polyurethane may be preferred- they are odorless and do not have complications like latex. People who are more inclined to oral sex can go for polyurethane. Non-rubber condoms use lambskins or sheep intestine, which are natural and are safer to use.
Before using a condom, make sure that you are not allergic to the substances used in them, thereby, making you enjoy sexual pleasure better than before.

Cell Phones and Sex Toys

You may not know this but your cell phone is one of the most potential sex toys that you have at your immediate realm. When used effectively, you can turn this device for bettering your sex life with your partner. Following are the tips that will help you turn your cell phones into sex toys.

Use your cell phone to send raunchy texts to your spouse when they are least expecting them. You can also take shots of your body parts and ask your spouse to name them accordingly. You can use your cell phone as a vibrator if you set it on vibratory mode. Once it vibrates, use the cell phone to touch your man’s package to get him revved up. You can also use naughty abbreviations for sending out your thoughts of him at the moment. This will get you to tell your spouse even when they are busy in a meeting or are out of town. Another of the best things that you could do with your cell phone would be to take a shirtless picture of your spouse and storing it as your phone’s wallpaper, which will keep you think of them even when they are not near you.

Ask your spouse to send you a nice and raunchy of them to your cell phone and tell them you will be returning this favor. However, be careful that you are not sending out explicit and graphical images or possibly identifiable features such as your face in the image. Use your cell phones as immediate sex toys that always come handy

The luxury Lelo vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys available on the erotic market. The wide range of Lelo vibrators have been designed with a blend of engineering, femininity, fashion and characteristic ‘Scandinavian sleekness’.

Lelo luxury vibrators are symbols of luxurious sexual pleasure that satisfies the desires of a woman and her partner. This pleasure object induces explosive orgasms and offers an aesthetically-pleasing, good-quality alternative to the conventional female sex toys. Unlike run of the mill vibrators, the Lelo vibrator is not tacky or obvious, and it’s perfect for women’s delicate sensibilities.

What makes the Lelo Ina special?

The distinctive form of the Lelo Ina has been inspired by the curves of the female body; by ergonomic considerations; by contemporary fashion trends as well as by abstract sculptural forms. This rechargeable Rabbit vibrator (minus the bunny ears, of course) is easy to store and compact enough to accompany you wherever you go. The Lelo Ina has been crafted keeping in mind the needs and desires of the women who will use it.

Is Lelo Ina worth the money?

This stylish yet powerful vibe has eight stimulation modes and two near silent motors in the clitoral and shaft stimulator. You will get the most earth shaking orgasms when you experience stimulation in your clitoris and vagina simultaneously. This innovative water-proof version of the popular rabbit vibrator is sleek and elegant enough to tempt the discerning user. This classy feminine sex toy is made of medical grade silicone that increases its longevity and effectiveness and comes with a charger, gift box, instruction manual, and carry case – all in all, its worth every penny you spend.

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