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When store-bought collars just aren’t providing the level of intimacy that you want with your partner, it’s time to create something yourself. Here are four tips for fashioning something beautiful and functional.

1. Measure Twice

Comfort is of the utmost importance when you’re ordering something that will be worn around the neck. Take your measurements twice or even three times to ensure that the numbers are accurate. Make sure you’re noting the inner circumference and not the outer.

2. Think About Material

While many collars are made of leather, some people prefer animal-friendly alternatives like rubber or poly blends. You can even make a collar out of rope if you’re a fan of shibari.

3. Choose Your Lining Wisely

If you plan on lining your collar with fur or faux fur, make sure you understand how to maintain it in the long term. For example, lambskin lining shouldn’t get wet, and suede lining should be replaced on a regular basis because it will eventually deflate from natural skin oils.

4. Personalize It

When you’re going to all the trouble of a custom-ordered collar, it would be a shame not to personalize it with an inscription or some kind of lettering. Click here to learn more about collar decorating.

These are just four ways to create something special for your partner. Whether you’re an old hand at BDSM or an eager beginner looking to dive right in, these tips should be enough to get you started on your exploratory journey.

One way of making your boring sex life interesting is by using dildos. These are not just sex toys, but they act as a link between you and your partner. They should therefore be very carefully chosen and also be of very high quality. It is true that there are very many companies that sell and even make these wonderful adult toys. It is also true that some of them make fake products and sell them to innocent people. If you have tried using a dildo and all it did was disappoint you, then you know how it feels to be so horny and left high and dry. Let this not happen to you again by ensuring that you buy only from the best.

You can get the best dildos and other adult toys from Sextoyshopit.co.uk. This online adult shop knows how important these adult toys are as they offer you nothing but the best. The company holds their clients highly, and you will not only get high quality products that you will love, but they will also be packaged in a very lovely way. Many a time the companies that sell these products are careless and package them in such a way that it is obvious to everyone. In as much as sex is a natural thing, this company knows the importance of privacy and intimacy. This is why they will pack the product in such a way that you yourself will not be able to know what is inside.

Solid Man Dildo

When it comes to variety, sextoyshopit is at the top of the list. You will get to satisfy your sexual cravings with different varieties of toys. There are dildos in the shape of the male penis that you can buy and there are also lickers for those that love oral sex. Imagine the amount of pleasure you will have, using the two at the same time. The dildos are in different sizes, and the one that you pick will entirely depend on your taste and preferences. They also have sex videos for those who can’t get maximum sexual satisfaction without watching a porn star getting fucked. The videos range from straight sex videos to bisexual ones.

The company uses a reliable shipping company that will make sure that you get your product on time. The adult toy shop and the shipping company will keep your details confidential, and so you do not have to worry about the information getting into the wrong hands. You can easily pay for the product that you have bought from the site using the different methods. Your paying details will also be kept private and away from hackers.

This online store is like a paradise for all the sexually active adults out there. There is enough of everything for everyone, and you can spice up your sex life using their high quality products. Both the single and those in relationships will get toys that suit their status, and all this is at a very affordable price. Continue Reading »

So many men tend to think that there’s nothing new to discover in sexual terms. That they have done it all, know it all…but they are so absolutely wrong! Sexuality is unlimited. Gay sex, heterosexual sex, group sex and solo play have no boundaries and sex toys are the innovative tools that will let you open the doors towards infinite when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

There is such a wide range of sex toys to choose from and to fulfill the inner desires, fantasies and dreams of anyone, no matter their sexual preferences. There are sex toys for males, for females, to use with a partner, to make role play fantasies come true, to satisfy any fetishist desire…to make it all come true and enjoy! Toys4 grownup is the Australian on-line store that offers you the widest variety of sex toys, at the most competitive prices and maintaining a unique quality! What is more, we deliver your luxury toys discretely packaged to the address of your choice!

Enhance Luxury And Obtain Astonishing Levels Of Pleasure With Our Varied Male Sex Toys

To increase the intimate enjoyment of masturbation, to enhance your masculine strength, to let you make your partner burst in flames or to reach more intense and larger orgasm, there will be one of these male sex toys that will be the right one to fulfill your needs, fantasies and more!

You can opt for a classical artificial vagina or masturbator resembling a vagina, mouth or anus. They come with realistic interior shaping, and soft textures of different safe materials. You can choose them with vibrating functions to get additional and more realistic stimulation.

Anal stimulation can be an incredible source of pleasure and our line of male sex toys includes Dildos of different shapes to let men explore that body part comfortably choosing the right size and shape for them.

If you want to make intercourse last longer, you can prolong and enhance your erection with a cock ring. This will be placed in the basis of the penis and restrict the blood flow enough to prevent a premature ejaculation. Some cock rings have a vibrating additional feature that will give myriads of added pleasure to both lovers. It heightens the excitement of the woman as the vibrating sensations rhythmically stimulate the clitoris while she is being penetrated by the hardened penis. Try it, search our rings variation and select the one you like more. You and your partner will be grateful for it.

Are you looking for the best vibrators to give to your partner or female friend? There are so many of them out there which is why many find it difficult to find the perfect vibrator. You can avoid making a big mistake by knowing first and foremost what to kind to get her.

You should know that vibrators come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. They also differ in features. This makes looking for the best vibrator even more challenging. To ensure you buy the best out there, follow these tips:


  • Know your woman

It helps a lot if you are familiar with the likes and dislikes of your woman before buying her any adult toy. What is her favorite color? Does she have a preference when it comes to penis size? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you decide on what kind to get her.

  • Be extra resourceful

Don’t settle on the first adult store you lay your eyes on. There may be many physical stores near you but the best place to look for the best vibrator is in the internet. That’s because there are numerous adult online stores nowadays as well as individual sellers from all parts of the world. You’ll be surprised with the huge number of options available under vibrators alone. You can easily browse products, read their descriptions and reviews and pay for those you like without the hassles of falling in line.

  • Check the features

The cost of vibrators varies, depending mostly on their features and brand. Usually, the best vibrators are those that are more expensive because their feature-packed and made from quality materials. However, you can find cheaper ones too especially if you search and buy online. You can subscribe to website newsletters to learn about the latest products and promos.

Have you ever considered buying a sexy gift to your woman? She may not tell you about it but there are times when your woman dreams of receiving something out of the ordinary from you. Just like with other women, she likes being showered with presents. But of course, a single unique gift will mean a lot than dozens of expensive yet common items.

Women are fond of sex toys though most of them are too shy to buy one themselves. Now is your chance to get your woman a sex toy just like a vibrator. There are vibrators of varying shapes and sizes available online. They also come in different colors from hot pink to those that resemble the real thing. Imagine her surprise when she receives a vibrator of her favorite color with the same size as yours.


Does your woman spend hours in front of the mirror? Then there’s your hint that you should get her something she can use to pamper herself with. However, instead of buying her a makeup set, why not make a natural beauty product for her? You can use items found at home in making natural soaps, cleansers, moisturizers and the like. But before you start playing chemist, better check with a dermatologist or beauty expert.

A bottle of perfume may sound unoriginal and too common but you can change all that. There are now scents you can mix and match to produce an all new different smell. After a little experimenting you can create a new bottle of perfume, name it after your sweetheart, and use your or her picture for the packaging. She will always be reminded of your love every time she sprays herself with it.

Wow your woman with unique gifts like sex toys such as vibrators or with your own creations like homemade beauty products or perfume.

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