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This doesn’t seem to be a massive question I’ve seen on the internet but I’m sure there must be some people wondering. Can you wear a condom while using a fleshlight. The more I thought about it though the more I realised there are actually a few good cases for an against.

Here are a few reasons you can or should wear a condom while using a fleshlight.

  • If you’re sharing it with partners you don’t know. If you’re sharing it with partners you should definitely wear condoms if you’re not sure where they have been. Lube and juices and cum can get everywhere so you need to be careful about what comes in contact with who.
  • To practice fucking with a condom on. Sometimes people have issues putting on condoms or having sex with them. By putting this into your play you can get used to how it feels and become more used to the sensations. It can break the cycle in your mind.
  • Easier clean up. Lets face it its a pain in the ass to clean up and its never going to be clean up free, but at least you’ll only be cleaning up lube and not cum. You can also get used to taking off a condom if you haven’t done this before.
  • If some some reason you’re freaked out by your own cum, you can avoid that whole area of playing
  • Different sensations to play around with, you might enjoy the different feelings that you experience with a condom on.

Reasons you don’t need to.

  • On your own there should be no STI’s floating around so you can be safe knowing you wont get anything.
  • It can be more expensive. Buying condoms just to use with a sex toy can be a waste of money if not necessary, you could be using that money for more sex toys!
  • It can make it less sensitive. Although they are known for being close to realistic, a condom may end up meaning you feel less of the feelings or that it is less intense.
  • You’re still going to have to clean it up anyway, cum won’t make that much of a difference.

Overall it really shouldn’t make a difference if you do or don’t but again we must stress if you’re sharing a toy you should be using condoms when you fuck it, or have condoms on the toy if its an insertable

There is a moment out there calling themselves nofap. This basically involves challenging yourself not to masturbate or have sex for 90days. This may be a few days for beginners or a year or life for experts, but the general rule seems to be around 90 days. This challenge is very very hard. I’ve tried it, its crazy. Now there are also varying levels with the main rules. Some people say no masturbation, some say no porn, some say no sex and no foreplay. It really depends how much you’re trying to challenge yourself and what you’re trying to achieve.

Some people want to get themselves used to having sex and stop their bodies and minds getting used to masturbation and self pleasure so to this end they want to reset their brain. Now hands and handjobs are out of the question, but for these people sex would be allowed within the rules. But what if you have a fleshlight that you spent lot of money on (or not so much if you do it right 😉 ) So under this thinking where does a fleshlight come. Well if you get something that is super realistic then these sensations probably do count as tricking your brain. I would say however that you probably shouldn’t use your hand to fuck it, you should hump it and use your hips as if you were having sex with a real person.

Under the rules of nofap you should also be doing it without porn. Using your mind or imagine things, or doing it with a partner should be the only things that count if you are using a toy. Some would even say that you should train yourself not to cum with it and that you should save that for when you’re with someone. Honestly there are so many rules that it can be hard to keep track. The short answer is that No you shouldn’t use a fleshlight during NoFap, but the longer answer is that there are ways to use it and not be breaking your goal (depending on what that is)

This is brought to you by an attempted nofapping redditor. Hopefully you can discover your own path and journey and find out what works for you. It will be tough but hopefully you can find a way to make it fun and enjoyable for yourself. And just think of the explosion at the end of 90 days when you’ve been building up for that long!Totally worth it.

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