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Why Do Men Visit Strip Clubs?

Men generally prefer the company of beautiful women. This tendency can explain why they frequent gentlemen’s clubs for erotik for pleasurable experiences. Selecting an appropriate venue to spend the evening might appear like a daunting task especially if this is your first time. We will be looking into certain pointers that you need to keep in mind while visiting such places. It is important to understand that various clubs have placed restrictions in age category. Only those who are above a preset age can enter these clubs and have a good time. At times, the personnel working on behalf of the club can ask for age verification documents before granting access to the amenities.

Savoring The Unique Experiences

Getting yourself aroused while seeing the performance of beautiful girls who have been selectively handpicked for the purpose is a unique experience that men like to savor for the many years to come. By visiting the right places, you will be able to achieve the highest levels of eroticism. Certain clubs offer alcoholic drinks to the patrons. If you love to taste exotic drinks while watching the performance, it is better to ascertain whether the club serves such beverages. Doing some research on your own will only help you later.

Acting In A Civilized Manner Within The Club

Will you be able to get in touch with the women who are performing in the club? This is a common query that can pass through the minds of any person. Unfortunately, many clubs restrict such activities because it will only lead to unfortunate scenarios. It is important to behave in a civilized manner when you are within the premises of the club. There is a possibility that the club personnel might ask you to leave the premises for inappropriate behavior. Certain clubs also have an extensive database of known offenders; getting into that list is not recommended at all. Please understand that everyone seeks to have fun within the club. Continue Reading »

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More and more men and women are now open to idea of using sex toys to satisfy their sexual fantasies. It’s no surprise then that you can find a big number of stores that sell these items. With so many of them out there how can you tell which is the best adult shop?

One of the most practical and easiest ways to look for and buy adult products is to surf the internet. There are sites that manufacture and sell all kinds of sex toys from dildos to fancy costumes, but it’s tricky to find which is best. To help you look for that site, here are things you have to consider:

  • Legitimacy- one of the first questions you should ask is whether the site is legit or not. In order to avoid scammers it is safer to buy from stores which are already established and with excellent ratings from customers. Be careful when buying from new stores or those with offerings that are just too good to be true.


  • Products- what products does the adult store sell? Are they limited to toys for women or men alone? A great site offers a little of everything. If you can find one that sells a lot under one roof, the better. You save time shopping from one site to another and cost you less on shipping too.


  • Payment options- legit stores offer a range of payment options to their customers. There are those that allow you to use your credit card, check, cash on delivery and other options when paying for your items. There are even stores that offer a money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with your purchases.


  • Freebies- it’s common for stores to offer freebies and promos to attract new customers. If you can find a site that rewards customers, especially loyal ones, stick to it to earn loads of free items.


  • Shipment- there are stores that only ship items in specific areas. Be sure that you find a site that can ship your item to your place. There are those that offer free shipping but in case the adult shop doesn’t, make sure you know how much it will cost you.

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Over the last years, women have discovered that they have every right to enjoy their sexuality without guilt, explore it and discover the wonders of sexual plenitude and satisfaction. As a direct consequence of that, three phenomena appeared:

-More women started to feel discontent with their sexual partner´s performance.

-A constantly increasing number of girls have embraced themselves in the paths of self discovery and pleasure through single masturbation.

-Having opened their minds and having access to a myriad of stimulation and sexual products, sexual behavior tend to be more prone to discover and enjoy new experiences that would take them out of routine.

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Old Faithful erupts !

Is there such a thing as female ejaculation? This is quite possibly one of the most hotly debated sexual subjects of our time. Many of us have heard of it and some of us have seen it, but can we really do it? Is it some sort of trick photography or stunt used in pornography to make those ubersexual women look even more sexy and goddess-like?
Apparently not. 30 – 40% of the British female population can ‘squirt’ or ‘gush’ during intercourse. Some women claim to be able to make themselves squirt whilst masturbating, some say they ejaculate when using a dildo – some still find it all a bit of a mystery.

There is no denying that lots of men find it very arousing and it certainly looks like a fun and enjoyable experience – so can we all do it?

Let’s examine the facts.

Ejaculation During Masturbation

Perhaps this is the best method of testing your own ability to squirt. Clitoral stimulation may not be enough to achieve an orgasm powerful enough to accomplish the squirt, certain vibrators are designed for both a vaginal and clitoral orgasm. Perhaps invest in a brand new sextoy, dildo or vibrator which can massage both the clitoris and the vaginal channel.

Research shows that relaxation can be the key. Ensure you make some private time for yourself where you can relax and enjoy your masturbation without interruption, light some candles, lie back and appreciate your new ‘friend.’

Old Faithful.. BOOM!

Ejaculation During Intercourse

Whether or not you’ve managed to master the art of the squirt through masturbation – it is exciting and arousing to try it out as a couple. It’s best to talk it through with your partner first and remember not to be disappointed if it doesn’t happen for you first time around. Again, set the mood with some ambience and relaxing atmosphere and use what you may have learned when masturbating – perhaps use your dildos alongside your own bodies. It may take a litle while to master. Ask your partner to insert his fingers into your vagina whilst he/she licks or strokes your clitoris and remember not to hold back!

Don’t Hold Back!

The scientfic research into the female ejaculation phenomenon shows that the liquid is emitted from the urethra, the same as urine, this is why so many women find it difficult to squirt as they try to hold back or ‘clench’ in fear that they are going to urinate. According to scientific researchers, the liquid that is emitted is completely different to urine in every way. So when you are on the brink of orgasm, try to relax, unclench, let go and allow yourself (and your partner!) to enjoy your wonderful gushing.

Mastering The Art

So you’re both lying in each other’s arms, post orgasm, soaking wet and incredibly smug! “Let’s do it again!” I hear you shout. If popular research is to be believed then, in this instance, practice does indeed make perfect! Now that you have achieved the initial gush and you have your method, it’s time to become a seasoned squirter. Armed with your new range of dildos and expertise, finely tune your new skill and perhaps become versed in controlling the gush – after all it is your new party piece.

Spread The Joy

Lastly (and most importantly) share your technique with others. We’ve asked the question – is there such a thing as female ejaculation? And now you’ve answered it. Go and tell your friends, join a forum, create a Facebook page! Let everybody know the answer to our question – YES! YES! YES!

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