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Every year, a number of new sex toys and devices flood the market providing a range of options to couples and individuals looking to enhance the excitement and pleasure that they experience from intercourse. However, there are very few devices which catch instant attention and provide maximum functionality to the users. One such device is the Hardwear harness by SpareParts which is gaining a lot of prominence amongst sex toy buyers because of its functionality. The harness is designed for easy wear and allows attachment for a range of single and double dildos. This means that the harness can be worn for discreet pleasure and make sure that the hands are busy with other activities thereby ensuring pleasure for the user as well as their partner.

The new device, also known as JOQUE, has a range of features that make it a must buy for any sex toy enthusiast. This even works very well in the water as the device can be used easily in a spa, bathtub, shower and almost any other place where water and imagination can take the user. Once the play and pleasure has been done by the user then the JOQUE can be easily machine-washed or hand washed. Moreover, the device has already been tested for beneficial hygienic and sanitary purposes promising greater health and pleasure. Moreover, it comes with a satin pouch that provides the guarantee for discreetness and working.

Another important feature for the device is that it can be easily adjusted with a number of devices and also adjustable for players with all sizes. Moreover, the harnesses are designed to include almost all L sized double end toys that can please both the partners easily. Moreover, there are extra pockets sewn in the garment to hold bullet vibes to be used during the play time


We Vibe Tango Vibrator

Nowadays, a lot of new sex toys and dildo manufacturers have come in the market thereby making it difficult for individuals and couples to look for a decent product. When it comes to these toys, the consumer looks for safety as well as a guarantee for pleasure that they are not able to get from simple. This is why it is best to trust the We Vibe’s range of vibrators that are designed specifically to fulfill the aforementioned two obligations. Another thing which people worry about is that their sex toys should be discreet so that they can be used for travel purposes or carefully hidden at home. For discreteness, the users could go for the small We Vibe Tango lipstick vibrator that is small enough to go into the purse and powerful enough to give all the pleasures that are desired from a sex toy.

As aforementioned, the toy is a lipstick styled powerful mini vibrator that packs a decent punch of pleasure, excitement and quiet working with it – needed to avoid any distractions while in the act. Although one might not wish to take it with themselves to the bathtub (considering its small size), the manufacturers have still made it waterproof. Just like other We Vibe devices, the sex toy can easily provide a ninety minute romp with rapid recharge whereas a two hour pleasure can be derived from a full charge.

As aforementioned, there are no concerns regarding discreetness and the device is made from safe thermoplastic. The battery of the vibrator is long lasting and easily cleanable thereby making it quite efficient despite the size. The controls are managed by a single button which is easily learnt whereas the stimulation areas include penis, anus, nipples and clitoral. One measure to remember is that no silicone lubricants should be used with the device for safety concerns.

We Vibe Salsa Vibrator

This thing is agreed upon by almost everyone that sex toys aren’t able to match the emotional and mental intimacy that couples usually experience. However, chances are that the strata of physical intimacy is most of the times ignored or unfulfilled considering the fact that it is almost impossible for another individual to learn another one’s pleasure spots. This is where the sex toys and dildos come in as they make sure that the physical quotient is fulfilled even when there isn’t a partner but the individual wishes to be pleasured and enticed. The quality of the new sex toys in the market is slowly increasing and one such innovation is that of We Vibe Salsa Vibrator. Designed by standard innovation, this rechargeable and waterproof device is manufactured specifically to stimulate and tease each and every one of an individual’s sensitive spots.

The Vibe Salsa is comparatively a small vibrator at just three inches long but it is easy to hold and provides all the sensations that are not usually expected from a device this small. The dildo is quite and powerful thereby ensuring that there are no distractions in the act. It also has two different charge options – a powerful one shot charge for two hours of play and one rapid charge option for a ninety minute quickie.

As aforementioned, the device has a small size thereby making it very travel-friendly and discreet. It has been manufactured from PC-ABS thermoplastic which is safe on the body and the material is quite simple to clean. The device comes in at eighty dollars but it is justified considering very few devices are able to guarantee penis, anus, nipple and clitoral pleasures to a single individual. Even couples can use this device to make their experience more pleasurable and raunchy than what they had been experiencing.

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Kegel K-Ball Exercisers

The best thing about sex toys and dildos is that they can almost replicate the sensations that an individual feels when being intimate with another individual. This means that individuals not in a relationship or not wanting to be one can still get all the fun and thrill of the physical intimacy that they were otherwise devoid of. Women have it harder than men in this scenario and that is why the Kegel exercisers, one of the new sex toys in the market, are there to make sure that they get the fun and pleasure that they crave. Designed by Ophoria, the device is subtly made to make sure that there is guaranteed pleasure and this is heightened by the fact that every individual knows his or her pleasure spots.

The K ball Kegel exercisers are a completely hand free device that have the dual job of providing powerful and internal pulsations whilst also ensuring that the Kegel muscles are strengthened. The safety measure of any sex toy is the first thing that should be checked and this safe toy is made from Japanese silicone thereby making it quite efficient and safe. The device is designed ergonomically to make sure that maximum pleasure is derived from it. In the package, the user also gets weighted shakers that provide training and Kegel exercises to make sure the muscles are tightened whilst also giving the pleasure.

Another great characteristic of the device is that it can strengthen and tighten the vaginal walls. Because of its innovative design, the k balls can be used for anal as well as vaginal stimulation. This powerful and effective device just comes at twenty five dollars and the user gets the choice to get it in three different color options. Just go for this pleasurable device and experience sensations that are hardly experienced with couple intimacy.

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L’Amour Thumper Vibrator

Earlier, a lot of single women used to buy sex toys and dildos discreetly but with the passage of time more and more couples and individual females have started purchasing and browsing new sex toys openly. Considering the new advancements that have come up in dildo technology, the guaranteed pleasure and excitement offered from the sex toys are definitely worth the experience. The best sex toys in the market are definitely the dildo vibrators and one innovative option from this category is the L’Amour Thumper vibrator.

As for the design, this is a style of rabbit vibrator which features a wonderful and powerful dual action function. Designed by California exotics, the device is completely waterproof thereby making it possible to carry in the bathtub and continue the pleasure in the most relaxing of all places. The security concerns should be forgotten considering the device is made from medical grade silicone putting it above a number of other traditional and lower grade sex toys. Although all sex toys are able to guarantee some sort of pleasure but the Thumper works differently. The device is equipped with seven different escalations, pulsations and vibrations. This means seven different forms and layers of pleasure hidden in a small discreet device that would certainly make one’s day and night.

Apart from the escalations, the new sex toy also has three different shaft rotation speeds thereby making it easier for the user to gradually grow into the experience. Another benefit is that if the user feels like then he or she could directly jump to the power mode and get the highest form of pulsations and excitement. Even with all the power and sensations, the vibrator won’t be the one making the noise as it is completely quiet and doesn’t distract the user. There are also light indicators for different speeds and vibrations thereby making it easier on the user.

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